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    PAR  Wine Award International

    Croatia, Georgia, Slovenia, Lebanon… there are so many tradition-rich and largely undiscovered wine producing countries within and beyond Europe; we can barely imagine the treasures one might find, when encouraging a proper exchange with and among them.

    So why not do exactly that, we thought, and started paving the way to a brand new, PAR-based wine award, providing a high-quality platform for vintners, retailers, restaurateurs and wine lovers alike.

    The new PAR® Wine Award International gives various wine growing nations a real chance to present their produce in all its variety and authenticity, while cultivating a new understanding of quality, interest and exchange within our established wine markets.
    Our goal is not only to inspire new channels of trade, but also to preserve the rich (viti-)cultural heritage, which is essential to those traditional wine nations – some of them with a winemaking history of 8000 years and older.

    Thanks to the transparency of the internationally recognized PAR method, each and every wine receives a comprehensible and objective documentation of its sensorial and oenological properties – always evaluated in relation to its respective origin and make. The PAR training allows our qualified tasters to approach the wines neutrally, while personal preferences or precast understandings of “common taste” are excluded.
    In the context of modern oenology, new and international styles are equally honoured and accepted as traditional ones.

    Invited wine countries 2017:

    Poland - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Hungary - Slovenia - Croatia - Bulgaria - Romania - Moldova - Serbia - Kosovo - Montenegro - Macedonia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Albania - Greece - Cyprus - Turkey - Georgia - Azerbaijan - Armenia- Lebanon - Israel

    Results 2016 

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